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About: Tom Carroll

A flight sim enthusiast from the earliest days of MSFS, Tom still has a 360K floppy disk for the PC Jr. version.  The BASIC flight simulator he wrote for his Sinclair ZX-81 is long lost, but it was fun while it lasted.

Long fascinated by the technical aspects of flying,  he started planning and writing his first MSFS eBook,  Navigation and Flight Planning in MSFS 2020 soon after the release of the software. Several months later he released MSFS Next Level: Missed Approaches and Holds and continues to share his knowledge with a new generation of flight sim enthusiasts.

Now happily retired, Tom wore many hats during his technical career: Engineer, Programmer, Project Manager and Engineering Manager.

Retirement has given him the gift of  time to pursue his passion for writing.    His 2020 novel, SImple Sarah – A Spiritual Adventure is available here on Amazon.  All profits from the sale of Simple Sarah are donated to Feeding America.

Tom lives near Waco, Texas with his incredibly supportive wife LeAnn and a Velcro Vizsla named Lenny.  In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his awesome grandsons, playing guitar, golf and dabbling in hydroponics.  Never bored…

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