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A Practical Guide to the CJ4

A Practical Guide to the CJ4 is the new 84 page eBook taking you through the steps needed to configure and fly the classic bizjet.

The guide uses the Working Title mods for the CJ4. If you don’t have the mod, click here for the WT site.

For many, the Rockwell Collins FMS is a mystery.  We’ll show you step-by-step what you need to know to get up and running with this beautiful aircraft.

Packed with 110 annotated illustrations, screenshots and numerous detailed MSFS flight examples,  this guide will become a reference you’ll use over and over again.


This eBook was written in mid 2021 using the WT mods. I’ve been testing the AAU1 Beta; it is a fantastic upgrade, adding considerable functionality to the avionics.

My CJ4 eBook will become outdated once the avionics upgrade is released.


Cockpit Panel Layout?

FMS Configuration & Flight Plan Entry?
Step-by-step detail.

Controlling the CJ4 in flight?

Examples of visual, RNAV & ILS approaches?
Step-by-step detail.



Here’s the topics we cover in the book:

We’ll start with some familiarization:
    • Cockpit Panels
    • PFD
    • MFD
    • Autopilot Modes
Then we’ll get deeper into the details:
    • FMS & Flight Planning
    • Flying the CJ4
    • VNAV Operation
We’ll finish with full flight examples from cold-and-dark to landing:
    • RNAV Flight Example
    • ILS Flight Example

Follow through the guide and you’ll soon be setting up and flying the CJ4 with confidence.

This and much more is yours for the low cost of  $9 USD.  We chose to publish this book in pdf format in order to keep the cost as low as possible.  Feel free to send more money if you’d like, but I’d rather you make a donation to your local food bank to help those in need.  Seriously;  if you read this eBook and decide I’m not charging enough, make a donation and sleep better at night.